Town Projects

Current Town Projects

Status as of Sept. 7, 2022
Collins Road, U.S. 80 to Tripp Road

Roadway construction is complete. Light pole installation is anticipated to be complete in the next few weeks. The Town is investigating possible upcoming landscape improvements in the medians of the roadway.
Collins Road, Tripp Road to Town East Boulevard

An updated traffic study as well as preliminary design is underway on this project. The Town is hoping to have preliminary drawings complete later this year, at which time we will schedule a meeting for the public to view the plans and ask questions.
Collins Road (SH 352), U.S. 80 to Mesquite City Limits

This TxDOT project is complete. The Town is working with the same consultant as on the Collins Road section, north of 80, regarding potential landscaping improvements along this section of roadway.
Tripp Road Culvert Replacement

This project is complete.
Jobson Road Wetlands Bypass (Jobson Road at Stoney Creek Boulevard)

This project complete.
Barnes Bridge Road crossing over Duck Creek

The bridge remains closed to traffic and recent rain events have undermined the bridge further. The Town entered into an agreement with TxDOT for them to do all design and replacement work for the bridge. TxDOT will also pay 90% of the project cost. The bridge replacement is on TxDOT's schedule and is anticipated to be complete in 2025.
Harris Addition Sewer and Alley Replacement,
Phase 1

The contractor still needs to install remaining speed humps. Once this is done, the project will be complete.
Harris Addition Sewer and Alley Replacement,
Phase 2

Design work is ongoing for this project. The Town hopes to start the bidding process for this work before the end of 2022.
Drainage improvements on Tripp and Jobson Roads, near the Harris Addition

This project is in design. Construction will be scheduled around other projects in the area in an effort to minimize disruption. This project will be constructed at the same time as the Harris Addition Sewer and Alley Replacement, Phase 2, as mentioned above.
Tripp Road drainage improvements, east of Collins Road

Design on this project is substantially complete. The Town is starting the process of acquisition of required right-of-way and easements. After this is complete, the project will be sent out for bids, hopefully before the end of the year.
2022 asphalt road repairs (various locations)

Map (PDF)

Work is underway to do repair/replacement of pavement on multiple roadways within the Town, including Collins Road, Town East Boulevard, Long Creek Road, and others. This work should be completed this fall. Staff is evaluating options for repairs of further sections of roadway in 2023.