Information Technology

Information Technology impacts all aspects of Town operations and service delivery. The Information Technology (IT) department provides the Town of Sunnyvale technology-based guidance in the most cost-effective manner. The department focuses on cybersecurity, network administration, hardware and software deployment, and the support of all technology-related services and products—for all departments within the Town of Sunnyvale. Information Technology systems and applications include but are not limited to: network administration, standardization of equipment and software, audio/visual systems, phone systems, server rooms, email, print services, enterprise storage, police and fire records management, internet and wifi, permissions and user management.

Unit Goals & Objectives

•    Research, evaluate, and recommend innovative solutions to enhance service delivery that leverages technology.

•    Maintain and monitor systems and ensure functionality of the Town’s technology resources.

•    Stay informed of current trends and potential threats to the infrastructure.

•    Create informational policies & guidelines for all Town of Sunnyvale departments.