Current Developments

The appointed Planning and Zoning Commission Members, Town Council Members, and town staff work together to approve future developments and zoning changes in the town. Projects that are currently in review will be shown below.

town council monday, October 11, 2021

Case 1710-SP Building 2 Clay Commerce Center

Amended site plan request for approval from Town Council.

Case 1712-PLT Sunnyvale West

Minor plat request for approval from Town Council.

Planning and Zoning Commission Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Case 1713-Z 80 Sunnyvale

Zoning change request changing Highway Commercial and Single-Family 3 to a Planned Development District, with a base zoning of Highway Commercial, allowing for warehouse, distribution, and light manufacturing with alternative development standards. The proposed development will include two distribution centers totaling 1,947,120 square feet with four driveways directly onto highway 80 service road.

Case 1714-z sunnyvale auto park

Zoning change request changing General Business to a Planned Development District allowing for an approximately 375,020 square foot warehouse, distribution, and light manufacturing facility with alternative development standards.