Are the rates I pay being used to invest in the Town’s aging infrastructure?

Yes, currently the Town is working on a plan for the improvements/replacement of the 12” waterline along East Fork Road and the 8” water line along Barnes Bridge Road.  Additionally, improvements/replacement of the Harris Addition sewer line Phase 1 and 2 are being planned.  The total cost of the four projects is approximately $6,700,000.  The Town is also planning for the possible transition to Dallas Water Utilities to negate the take or pay structure at North Texas Municipal Water District.  This transition will require additional infrastructure which is funded by a voter approved bond in the amount of $6,115,000.

The work is part of our ongoing Capital Improvement Plan.  A generation of infrastructure investments in the mid-20th century is now reaching the end of its useful life.  The Town is preparing a strategy for reinvesting in our system to enhance system reliability, and capital improvement projects are a major part of that strategy to better serve our customers.

We are able to make these investments thanks to customers like you and the rates you pay, and to voters who have approved the issuance of revenue bonds. 

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8. Are the rates I pay being used to invest in the Town’s aging infrastructure?
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